US President Barack Obama Friday said that North Korea should be isolated more from the international community to stop the reclusive country from going ahead with its objectionable nuclear and missile programs.

Speaking at Telemundo in Tampa, Florida, President Obama criticized North Korea for going ahead with the rocket launch, defying the international pressure on it to backtrack.

It's important to know that they've been trying to launch missiles like this for over a decade now and they don't seem to be real good at it. But obviously this is an area of deep concern, Obama said, according to a Telegraph report.

The President accused Pyongyang of spending millions in rockets when the North Koreans were starving. He urged international community to come together to isolate North Korea further.  

Obama said, What this has done is further isolate them and made it more difficult for them to focus on what they should be focusing on, which is feeding their own people. They make all these investments, tens of millions of dollars, in rockets that don't work at a time when their people are starving. Literally.

North Korea's unsuccessful rocket launch Friday had evoked sharp reactions from worldwide. Earlier, the country had announced that it was launching the satellite to commemorate the centenary birth celebrations of its late founder leader Kim II-Sung.

There was enormous international pressure on North Korea to abort its rocket launch which the US and other countries believed as a ballistic missile test in disguise.

However, North Korea was adamant and the rocket was launched Friday and it exploded soon after the takeoff.

North Korea is an impoverished nation and it depends on foreign aid heavily for it survival. Yet, it went to the extent of losing a food aid deal in exchange for a nuclear and missile testing moratorium, from the US.

Though the launch has failed, international community is still watching the nation closely as it believes that Pyongyang might conduct a third nuclear test to overcome the humiliating failure of the rocket launch.