The famously outspoken English rock singer Morrissey has condemned President Barack Obama for not doing more for blacks in America, saying he refused to take a tougher stance on the Black Lives Matter movement and the events in Ferguson, Missouri. Black men are being murdered across the country and Obama’s reign as president has ultimately meant nothing, he told the Daily Beast in a series of emails.

“I can’t see him doing anything at all for the black community except warning them that they must respect the security forces,” Morrissey wrote to the Daily Mail. “This is ludicrous because the so-called security forces are the Ku Klux Klan to most black Americans.”

The former Smiths frontman also said that if a white police officer shot one of Obama’s own daughters, the president probably wouldn’t accept that officer being freed of guilt. Morrissey also made a note about Obama’s appearance in his emails to the Daily Beast.

“The final point about Obama is that he doesn’t look overly African black," Morrissey said. "He’s as close to soft, whiteness as someone who isn’t white could get, and I often wonder if he would have been elected if he had a stronger, more African-black face? It’s a point.”

Morrissey is known for his strong and often incendiary opinions, at one point stating he saw no difference between eating animals and pedophilia. Morrissey also criticized police for targeting the poor because they have no means to retaliate.

“I am wryly amused by all of these tough cop reality programs on American TV because it’s always white cops arresting the black or Hispanic poor, yet you don’t ever see the cops frisking a crooked lawyer or chasing a middle-class accountant who’s robbed millions from clients,” Morrissey said.

Besides Obama, Morrissey expressed his displeasure with Fox News and presidential candidate Donald Trump. "On the basis of his name alone he can’t be allowed to represent America,” Morrissey said of Trump.

Morrissey did say that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will most likely gain massive support as the presidential race moves forward, adding that America having a female president would be enlightening for the country.