Reggie Brown, whose prominence as a President Obama impersonator got a boost after a performance at a prominent GOP conference recently, got a chance to finish what he started after his performance was cut short by an official.

On ‘Real Time’ with Bill Maher on HBO on Friday, Brown began at around the point where he was cut off.

Earlier in the month at the Republican National Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Brown was invited to perform at the conference where he joked about Obama, Tea Party ‘birthers,’ Black History month, and the Kardashians. He also joked about Republican candidates for President for several minutes.

Brown told the Chicago Tribune after the conference that he was not booted from the stage, as some reports claimed. He said he had been told he could perform between 15 and 20 minutes. He was asked to leave the stage at around the 18th minute, saying the organizers thought the performance was going long.

However Republican Leadership Conference President and CEO Charlie Davis said it was racially oriented jokes that got Brown removed, according to CNN.

We have zero tolerance for racially insensitive jokes. As soon as I realized what was going on, I rushed backstage and had him pulled, he said.
Brown has previously said he wants to star in whatever movie is eventually made about the Commander in Chief.
It's a role I was born to play, Brown told the Chicago Tribune soon after the conference. When the movie finally comes out and things like that, I'm trying to show people now what I can do. I don't think there's anyone better for it than me.

Below are a few of the jokes he told on “Real Time”:

“Now, as I was saying,” Brown said. “Michele Bachmann. And you though black women were scary. Last week, she called me a one term president. But I guess that’s better than George W. Bush who was a one syllable president.”

“Michelle has had 23 foster children. So, either she’s a saint or she has a factory in the garage making iPods.”

“Don’t forget John Huntsman. Now we’ve got two Mormons running for President. Now the pundits say Americans won’t elect a Mormon president. But then again they said the same thing about Muslims and look at me. Did I just say that out loud?

“Now last, and certainly no least we have Chris Christie. Now he is the perfect Republican candidate. He’s got a Type A personality and Type Two diabetes.

Jokes from his appearance at the RLC:

I love vacations. A few months back, the family and I took a nice, relaxing vacation in the state of my birth. Hawaii. Or as the Tea Party are still calling it,Kenya.

My favorite month is February. Black history month. You see, Michelle, she celebrates the full month and, you know, I celebrate half.
My father is a black man from Kenya and my mother was a white woman from Kansas. So yes, my mother loved a black man and no she was not a Kardashian.

It's unfortunate that Tim Pawlenty couldn't make it here but cut him some slack. He's having his foot surgically removed from his mouth, he said as the audience groaned. Oh no, don't worry. Luckily for him it's covered under Obamneycare. Yeah. That along with spinal transplants.