President Barack Obama offered some much-needed support to US Congressman Anthony Weiner who resigned weeks after a damaging sexting scandal erupted.

The President, who earlier in the week had said he would have resigned if he were in Weiner's shoes, said on Thursday he hoped the disgraced Democratic politician would 'bounce back'.

Speaking on Good Morning America, the President said: I wish Rep. Weiner and his lovely wife well ... Obviously, it's been a tough incident for him, but I'm confident that they'll refocus and he'll refocus, and they'll end up being able to bounce back.

Weiner said in his resignation speech that the controversy that erupted following revelations about his lewd tweets and online sex escapades had become a distraction for his colleagues in the House. But he gave no hints of retiring into oblivion, but vowed to continue his work towards the betterment of society.

Many theories are already circulating as to what Weiner will do now. Some observers say he would turn into a successful political commentator on TV, the way Eliot Spitzer rebuilt his career after a sex scandal ruined his public life. Others make a bizarre suggestion that he will run for his own Congress seat.