A witch doctor in Kenya claims U.S. President Barack Obama will visit his family's village in East Africa this week. Obama is not expected to visit the tiny village of Kogelo during his tour of Kenya, but witch doctor John Dimo said he tossed shells and animal bones on the ground and now knows otherwise, USA Today reported Monday.

Kogelo is the home of Mama Sarah Obama, 95, Obama's step-grandmother, and the burial place of Barack Obama Sr., his father. "The results indicate that Obama will come to Kogelo," Dimo told a circle of residents this month as they observed his fortune telling ritual. "It's a big secret, and he need not tell anybody that he will be visiting his ancestral home."

Dimo said he once predicted Obama would someday become president, so he knows what he is talking about. "Believe me, I said Obama will become the U.S. president and it came to pass," he told onlookers. "Now, I can see he has planned to visit the village. He will come."

Obama is scheduled to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in the capital of Nairobi this week, the first visit of a sitting U.S. president to Kenya. In Kogelo, about 200 miles northwest of the capital, some are selling Obama T-shirts, jeans and portraits to mark his visit.

"We're prepared to host him," Mama Sarah Obama told USA Today. "It's a big win to all Kenyans... He was waiting for the country to gain political stability before he can visit."

Obama wrote about a visit to Kogelo in his 1995 book "Dreams from My Father", which helped launch his political career. He is reportedly not close with his father's family in Kenya.

U.S. Ambassador Robert Godec has said Obama would not visit Kogelo during this trip, Reuters reporters.