Conducting new plans to stimulate markets, restore jobs growth from overseas and create new tax revenues, are plans U.S President Barack Obama is willing to be responsible for ahead of the his campaign as he seeks reelection in the upcoming presidential nomination of 2012.

Obama casted a couple of statements about jobs growth, stealing the lights from his republican rival Mitt Romney, who is backfired by his opponents due to his harsh stance about in demobilization of U.S. employment and shipping jobs abroad.

The current president of the U.S threw light on business activities that shall bring back workers from abroad and urged others to follow this approach in attempt to show the White House to adopt his trend, which some experts say the trend did not build up momentum yet.

I will go ahead in the next few weeks to put forward proposals for new tax to reward companies that restore jobs to the country and invest in America, we will cancel tax breaks for companies that move jobs overseas, Obama said Wednesday.

If truth be told, it require any new tax initiatives to be previously approved by Congress as President Obama faces fierce Democratic opposition amid ongoing tax policy on the part of his Republican opponents.