President Barack Obama is taking trips to two cities in Indiana and Florida hurting under the economic crisis to make his case for the large economic stimulus package that is facing opposition in Congress.

The first journey will be to Elkhart, Indiana for a town hall meeting to campaign for the idea. Also he will hold his first prime-time news conference.

The public appearance come as Obama struggles for Congress to agree on his economic recovery package and additional billions in bailout money for the financial markets.

Senate version of $827 billion plan was expected to pass on Tuesday however it must be reconciled with the House version. The two bills overlap in numerous ways however the Senate bill has greater emphasis on tax cuts, while the House bill devotes more money to states, local governments and schools. Obama is likely to push for a bill on his desk for his signature by mid-month.

This bill is not perfect. We're not claiming that. But in fact I think this bill well help to create 3.5 million jobs. .. We're facing a crisis and it makes no sense to have a partisan divide, Maine Republican Susan Collins acknowledged in a nationally broadcast interview according to Associated Press.

Obama is returning to both Indiana and Florida that helped him propel to the White House, to generate support for his financial-rescue plans.

Through town halls and news conference, Obama will highlight the economics distress many American are feeling, difficulties that he will argue the stimulus package would ease.