President Obama tweeted today, In order to reduce the deficit, what costs would you cut and what investments would you keep? creating the first Twitter town hall meeting at the White House.  Twitter followers asked about gay marriage, the Patriot Act, abortion, and war as well as who his favorite Power Ranger is.  

Republican House Speaker John Boehner tweeted Where are the jobs? The president said that even though job growth is lethargic, jobs are being created.  He also asked for Republican backing.   

One freelance writer asked, How will admin work to help underwater homeowners who aren't behind in payments but are trapped in homes they can't sell?  Obama replied that banks and homeowners who are not behind on their payments need to work collaboratively in order to modify loans and reduce loan principal.

When asked about defense spending, Obama said that he wants to reduce spending but said that it will be a slow decline.   We can't simply lop off 25 percent off the defense budget overnight, he said. He added, We have to think about all the obligations we have to our current troops who are in the field and making sure they're properly equipped and safe.

Macon Phillips, White House director of digital strategy, said, We are responsible for the online program for the White House.  Phillips also said that the White House is using social media in order to strengthen the president's message, make the White House more accessible, and increase the public's participation in government.