President Obama is on vacation in Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts.  While enjoying his first full day off at a bookstore on Friday, one 63-year-old woman said to him: please don't forget the teachers, reported AP.

Obama said he loves teachers and said how could I forget them?

The President himself was seen carrying a few books and said one of his daughters had a school assignment.

Obama was mostly greeted with supportive comments from the Martha's Vineyard crowd, including shouts of four more years.

However, he's also reminded that many people, including teachers, are hurting from circumstances created by the bad economy and expect him to help.

We're counting on you! shouted one person.

In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, public workers and teachers have become the target of criticisms for their allegedly cushy and stable government jobs.

The Democratic Obama, for the most part, has favored increasing spending and maintaining support for public workers like teachers.

At a recent town hall in Minnesota, Obama said I personally believe that one of the most effective ways that we could help the economy is making sure that we're not seeing more teacher layoffs.

In fact, teachers should be paid even more.  We've got to give them support and buck them up, said the President.

Moreover, he said education reform efforts will be undermined if teachers are being laid off and if some U.S. states open schools only four days week.

Obama is expected to outline a plan to stimulate the economy - including measures to help teachers keep their jobs - in a big speech coming up in September after his Martha's Vineyard vacation, reported NYTimes.

Another proposal is tax incentives to businesses for hiring workers, reported NYTimes.