The dollar rose today during the Asian session against major currencies after U.S President Barack Obama agreed to extend tax cuts plan for two years, which increased investor appetite for the dollar as it rises for the 3rd consecutive day against euro and reached its highest level in three days against Japanese yen.

The euro fell against the dollar in the Asian session today, where the pair trades around 1.3217 recording the highest at 1.3297 and the lowest at 1.3212. The European currency faces a support level at 1.3180.The daily momentum indicators give selling signs which support the downside movement.

The pound traded lower against the dollar today, and now it trades around 1.5702, recording a high of 1.5762 and a low of 1.5693. The pair witnesses a support at 1.5670, while the daily momentum indicators show the pair in an overbought area.

The dollar/yen pair rose strongly during today, where the pair now trades around 83.93 recording the highest at 83.93 and the lowest at 83.46. The daily and four hours indicators show the pair in an overbought area.