President Barack Obama is set to deliver his first State of the Union speech at 9 p.m. EST, focusing on rekindling the U.S. economy , emphasizing his plans to restore job growth and taming budget deficits.

He will spend two-thirds of his speech to address economic fears and provide new financial relief for the middle class.

The speech is estimated to run as long as 75 minutes, accounting for interruptions of applause within the House chamber.

It will feature stories of success and hardship, from entrepreneurial immigrants to families trying to make ends meet.

He directed his speechwriters in the morning to be more plainspoken narrative, hoping to tell the story of his presidency in a way to rekindle the energy he harnessed for his historic election.

The President will travel to Florida on Thursday to announce $8 billion for high-speed rail development, to Maryland on Friday to speak to a House Republican retreat, and to New Hampshire next Tuesday for a jobs-focused event.