O.C. BEVERAGES, INC. announced today that it has filed its initial disclosure documents to comply with Pink Sheet’s guidelines for providing adequate current information. According to the press release, a copy of the company’s disclosure documentation can be viewed at www.pinksheets.com. To view the documentation, search for the company’s trading symbol and select the “Filings” tab.

O.C. Beverages has positioned itself as “America’s Premium Private Label Company” for both Non-Alcoholic and Alcoholic Beverages. The Private Label Beverage Market has grown dramatically in the U.S. where it now exceeds more than 25% of total sales. The growth has also reached into Europe where the private label beverage market accounts for more than 45% of total sales. The company is focused on developing proprietary premium private label bottled water and tea’s designed to appeal to each consumer’s taste and style with a unique and innovative product mix. To achieve this, the company executed two acquisitions and entered into several agreements that enhance the company’s distribution and bottling efforts, as well as sales and product development opportunities.

“These acquisitions are key to the future growth of not only our private labeled product mix, but to new product introduction, in terms of securing capacity and access to retailers,” stated Mr. Lee J. Danna, President and CEO of O.C. Beverages. “As excited as I am of our efforts to enhance our private label operations, I am equally excited at the numerous relationships the Company has secured which provide exclusive and strategic options to develop innovative products, that traditionally were unable to capture consumer’s interest because of either limited shelf life, or inability to effectively enhance the flavor or health benefits without utilizing certain key patented processes, such as our new high-end structured water.”

The company also signed several strategic alliance agreements to secure innovative beverage products and packaging. One of the agreements is a strategic agreement with Healthy Waters Brands Plus, Inc. and its CEO Dr. Julia Hunter, a health advocate spokesperson who is a recognized supporter of the O.C. Beverages’ product. The second agreement was signed with Dr. Theodore Hersh, who owns 18 patents in the health industry which are key to the company’s efforts to introduce product design as well as unique enhanced water, flavored water, teas and alcohol beverage products that may provide health oriented benefits.