The Occupy Oakland protests have become infamous for acts of violence and clashes with the police. Perhaps no incident has garnered more attention, though, than the injury suffered by Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen, who was hit by a tear gas canister.

Olsen, who suffered brain injuries, recently gave his first interview since leaving the hospital. His speech was slightly halted, though he seemed to have recovered fairly well otherwise.

The interview is posted at the left-leaning America Blog and linked from a private Youtube account.

The protester said he was texting a friend when the infamous injury took place.

Next thing I know I'm down and on the ground and there are people above me trying to help me and they ended up carrying me away, he said. I didn't want them to. I wanted to get up, stay there.

When he could not manage to tell people his own name, Olsen said he realized he needed to get help.

Olsen has a scar on his forehead and is still wearing a neck brace. He said he expects a full recovery.

He also said he had not been interviewed by the Oakland police for their investigation of the incident.

Right now I'm kind of waiting to see what they're going to say about themselves in their own investigation, he said. See if they have the integrity required of them.

Olsen was injured in late October, when the Oakland protests were at their most violent.