More people have been arrested in New York City for the Occupy Wall Street protests Saturday, as activists protested in Union Square.

The number of arrests has not been been determined, nor has the New York City Police Department made any official statement on the arrests, according to CBS New York.

Twitter accounts from OccupyWallStNYC have reported problems, but police have not confirmed anything.

More than 50 ppl arrested, at least 5 women maced in the face #nypd #usdor, the group tweeted.

The group also retweeted, Tensions reportedly escalate as videos of protestors being pinned and surrounded by police emerge on Sept 24.

We're seeing an absolute erosion of our civil rights, 23-year-old Patrick Bruner told the New York Daily News.

The Occupy Wall Street protests have taken place since last weekend, when hundreds of people descended upon the Financial District. So far, the protests have been non-violent.

We're not here to make life more difficult. We're here to help empower you to take on the real enemy, which is the greedy corporate hedgefunders and bankers on Wall Street that are making life more difficult for everybody here,  a protester named Justin told CBS.  

In late afternoon, protesters began moving from Union Square to Liberty Plaza.