New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Monday said that while he supports the Occupy Wall Street-style protests in Albany, recounting his own experience at demonstrations in years past, but said that the law must be enforced.

Calling into a radio show his predecessor Gov. David Paterson now hosts, Cuomo said that he believes in the demonstrations and respects protesters rights, discussing his participation as state attorney general in protests against the harsh Rockefeller drug laws.

It wasn't too long ago, David, that I was out there by myself, Cuomo told Paterson. We've had thousands of people all through the Capitol, all through the steps. We believe in the right to demonstrate. We also believe in the rule of law and we enforce the law.

Protesters have been setting up an encampment near the statehouse since Friday. There have been no arrests related to the Occupy Albany demonstrations while protesters continue to camp out. Mass arrests were avoided when a group moved to nearby city-owned land as a park curfew neared, according to Albany Times-Union.

The Times-Union also reported that on Friday night, protesters were moved off park land to avoid breaking curfew, but several dozen had camped out nonetheless.

Cuomo was a target of an Occupy Wall Street rally last week as demonstrators criticized the governor for refusing to renew the state's tax on high-income residents before it expires this year.