The Occupy Wall Street movement had not been the target of large-scale arrests or violence at the hands of NYPD police officers for several weeks leading up to the city's Tuesday early-morning raid on Zuccotti Park in Manhattan.

But dozens of people were arrested when the park was cleared out, and a number of those who the police collared were injured by officers -- including City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, who sustained a gash to his head during the round-up.

The arrests and violence -- some protesters call it police brutality -- continued throughout the day. The International Business Times was on the scene when an estimated two dozen people were arrested as a group of protesters gathered at Manhattan's Duarte Park.

And the IBTimes witnessed a number of peaceful protesters being pushed to the ground, arrested or otherwise made victims of violence at the hands of the police outside Zuccotti Park, when the movement's members attempted to re-enter the park.

Many of the protesters screamed obscenities and threats of violence at the police, but the arrests and violence appeared to be doled out arbitrarily. One man was singled out and thrown to the ground just seconds after standing idly at the edge of a crowd of protesters. Another screamed What did I do wrong? as police tried to subdue and arrest him.

This gallery contains exclusive photographs of some of the police violence and arrests that took place outside Zuccotti Park Tuesday morning.