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Is it me or is this sign an oxymoron? A job is right, but isn’t a job the direct result of capitalism? Both company and employee seek a profit and the money earned is used to buy the things that all parties want and need. I do understand the motivation behind the sign as it seems our capitalist society is in need of an overhaul these days. I still believe capitalism works but it takes two to tango and both sides need to open the doors again. Banks need to start lending that “gift money” (sorry – quantitative easing aid) and businesses and employees need to follow through on their commitments.

I don’t blame the protesters for their anger at the system because obviously they are looking for a job and it seems that things these days are weighted too heavily in favor of the banks. The act of gathering peacefully while bringing a solid clear and precise message however is also a great bi-product of our way of life. The money earned in a capitalist structure has afforded us to build a country that can protect and base itself on freedom.

At least it seems in this case that citizens can demonstrate peacefully for the most part and I hope Washington is hearing the shouts and footsteps as they need to show leadership for the betterment of all involved, not just a select few. Using your freedom to protest and freedom of speech is our right and I am a firm believer that if you have something to say, “say it”, if you have something to shout; “shout it” and if you have something to do; “do it”. My  problem with this photo is that at this moment the writers of this sign are nowhere to be found in this picture? This sign needs a live face all of the time; not just part-time, otherwise it has the same effect as a text message or a resume placed on a stack of others without introducing yourself to the person collecting them and offering the job.

I have given some thought to a solution for the sign maker.  First of all you have skills. You don’t need to occupy wall street; you need to occupy your mind and use the energy you applied to this sign and this protest and focus it on how to best utilize your abilities to land the job you seek. As an educator and motivator I try and help students fulfill their goals and my message to my students is not much different to you. I just become the facilitator to help you see your skills and place you in an area that suits you best. You have the ability to create a buzz and companies love that! With your protest you received free media coverage from all of the major networks and social media outlets; brilliant!! You also have the ability to make signs and slogans to deliver a message. But this picture just looks to me like somebody who got tired of standing in the rain and placed the sign on the ground in hopes that somebody would still get the message and solve your problem. You are never going to get a job that way.

You just are in need of a few follow through skills. Since you have a knack to create a buzz and can make signs and write slogans, I have provided you with a list of sign making companies in the lower Manhattan area (since you are there) that just may want to hire you. Just make sure you are present this time, when the photo shoot comes calling your name. Also; never, never forget to leave a contact number or email on your sign so the company can get in touch, when they hire you.  I’m still bullish the U.S.!!

Here are a list of sign making companies:

A A Awning & Sign

Tel: 212 226 9828171 Bowery

New York NY 10002

Artshne Sign and Supply

Tel: 212 965 818496 Allen Street

New York NY 10002

Chung Wah Sign & Store Inc

Tel: 212 995 795666 Delancey Street

New York NY 10002

Concept Sign Incorporated

Tel: 212 966 108137 Allen Street

New York NY 10002

FedEx Office Print & Ship Center

Tel: 212 228 951121 Astor Place

New York NY 10003

FedEx Office Ship Center

Tel: 212 614 8915125 5th Avenue

New York NY 10003

FedEx World Service Center

Tel: 800 463 333920 E 20th St Grd Fl

New York NY 10003

Fortune Line Trading

Tel: 212 334 826525 Essex Street

New York NY 10002

Gilbey Graphics & Di

Tel: 212 608 4131900 Broadway

New York NY 10003

Hong Qi Sign Corp

Tel: 212 966 318895 Allen Street 1

New York NY 10002

Always Neon Inc

Tel: 212 388 987666 Delancey Street

New York NY 10002

Bowery Sign Production & Supply Inc

Tel: 212 995 1395187 Bowery

New York NY 10002

Concept Sign Inc

Tel: 212 966 108184 Hester Street

New York NY 10002

Creative Signs and Awnings

Tel: 212 625 172655 Delancey Street 1

New York NY 10002

FedEx Office Print & Ship Center

Tel: 212 253 9020250 E Houston Street

New York NY 10002

FedEx Office Ship Center

Tel: 212 353 38604 Union Square E

New York NY 10003

First Signs Co

Tel: 212 966 069071 Eldridge Street

New York NY 10002

Fu Sunsign Construction Co

Tel: 212 941 952074 Canal Street

New York NY 10002

Hester Signs Inc

Tel: 212 625 928923 Orchard Street

New York NY 10002

Hong Qi Sign Corporation

Tel: 212 966 3188101 Allen Street

New York NY 10002

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