Nadya Suleman, better known as the Octomom, has been kicked out of the boxing ring. After reportedly making more than six figures, Suleman was ousted by Celebrity Boxing CEO Damon Feldman.

Feldman claimed Suleman could no longer be a part of Celebrity Boxing because she first broke an opponent's hand in a pillow fight and then neither apologized nor explained, according to the Daily Mail.

Suleman also failed to show up for a scheduled fight in Florida. Radar Online reported that Feldman said his company has been "losing deals because she has been associated with us."

As a result, Feldman tweeted on Friday, "I have banned Octomom from Celebrity Boxing events, she is a nice person but her manager owes people money and doesn't want to pay it,"

This story comes after the news in early August that Suleman had put herself up on the online auction block for the lucky guy who would pay the most to go on a date with her. Suleman, 37, created a dating profile as a last resort to make money before she's kicked out of her home, according to TMZ. The opening bid for Octomom was $500.

The Octomom has 14 children, eight of whom were delivered in one birthing, which is how she got her nickname.

Suleman also launched her own page on GoFundMe, a site where she sought donations from fans. On Sunday, she wrote there: "Thank you to everyone who helped! I will be pulling my page down as we have reached our goal from hard work, your help and support!" According to the most recent totals on this page, she raised $3,579 of her goal of $6,000 -- each figure a far cry from her original goal of $150,000.