Octus Energy announced today that it is partnering with California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC) in support of the California Smart Lighting Initiative. Conceived by CLTC, in association with industry partners, the University of California, California utilities, and the California Energy Commission, the initiative aims to reduce maintenance, energy and operational costs for exterior lighting applications by 50% or more.

“The CLTC has developed energy efficient exterior lighting technologies that adjust light levels according to occupancy and need rather than set levels of light to areas that may not be in use,” stated Michael Siminovitch, CLTC Director. “The effectiveness of these smart bi-level fixtures has been proven in a variety of California campus environments showing the viability and value of their energy savings and performance.”

“The CLTC spearheads innovation in the lighting industry, and we advocate their smart lighting initiative,” commented Chris Soderquist, Octus CEO. “We intend to proactively bring best-of-breed exterior lighting solutions to market as part of the Octus Smart Energy Platform (OctusSEP). Our collaboration with CLTC is a major step forward for our company and the Initiative.”

“This is what we do: Work with forward-thinking, innovative companies to conceive, create and commercialize next-generation lighting solutions,” Siminovitch added. “Octus Energy’s comprehensive approach to energy efficiency — including system design, project financing, automated controls and energy management — is what the industry needs. We look forward to helping the company fuse and catalyze OctusSEP with the California Smart Lighting Initiative.”