Office property continues to make up the largest proportion of inter-regional investment around the world, with 58 per cent of all transactions for that asset class.

Hotel transaction volumes also posted a strong performance for the year, with volumes tripling compared to 2009 figures, Jones Lang LaSalle research has revealed.

New entrants featuring in the top ten purchasers in 2010 included Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, India, and Canada. Canadian and Malaysian capital was dominated by institutional investors whereas the Saudi and Indian purchasers were mainly high net worth individuals or private investors, said Paul Guest, head of Global Research at Capital Markets Research.

Mr Guest explained that the new entries replaced Australia, China, Spain and the UK at the top of the table.

However, Jones Lang LaSalle added that the UK was the second largest market in terms of volumes traded, accounting for USD 49 billion, only beaten by the US which saw USD 80 billion transacted.