With Dunder Mifflin/Sabre employees leaving left and right, a future behind the upcoming ninth season of "The Office" looks pretty grim. NBC isn't ready to lay their successful comedy series to rest though. An "Office" spin-off show starring Rainn Wilson's Dwight has been discussed, and it looks like the network will begin planting the seeds in season 9.

Although the Dwight spinoff, tentatively named "The Farm" is not a guaranteed thing, "The Office" has done some casting to start filling up the oddball Schrute family.

TVLine reports that Majandra Delfino of "Roswell" fame has been cast as Fannie Schrute, Dwight's younger sister, a "pseudo-intellectual lefty." Meanwhile Blake Garrett of "New Girl" and "Bridesmaids" will be tackling the amusing role of Fannie's son Cameron, Dwight's nephew.

According to Entertainment Weekly, "The Office" spin-off will focus on Dwight as a beet farmer, and bed and breakfast owner. Fannie had initially fled the Schrute family farm for a life in Boston, but returned with her son after getting divorced. Paul Lieberstein, the former showrunner for "The Office" has stepped up to write the script.

Rainn Wilson seems to be happy with the addition of Delfino to the Schrute family. "The Office" star took to Twitter yesterday to share his excitement over Dwight getting a sister.

The two new "Office"-mates will appear in an unidentified episode of season 9, set to air Sep. 20. Although the duo won't appear as regulars on "The Office," they will appear as series regulars if "The Farm" gets picked up.