It’s the end of an era! After nine seasons, “The Office” finally came to an end with its finale on Thursday, May 16. So, how did it all end?

Set a couple days before Dwight and Angela’s wedding, the finale episode set up life post-filming: Following his break up with the senator, Oscar is running for senate. Kevin and Toby got fired by Dwight who used cake to break the news to them. Creed faked his own death the day after the documentary aired. It turns out he had a warrant out for his arrest for numerous things like drugs and selling endangered species meat (the list was longer). Stanley retired and moved to Florida City and was replaced in the office by Dave Chapelle. And the whole office is now practicing some Japanese exercises.

With the wedding approaching, Jim is Dwight’s bestest mench (best man) and is planning his bachelor party … which falls the same weekend as a panel for the documentary! Since time has passed since the documentary aired, not all the workers are in the office anymore.

Andy returns for the wedding and panel, explaining to the cameras that the clip of him crying on “American’s Next Acapella  Star” went viral and gained over two million views. Then the parodies started and now Andy is getting made fun of daily. (Turns out that the Double Rainbow guy and Fat Star Wars kid have a support group going for embarrassing viral video stars.) Fortunately he (somehow) managed to get a job in the admissions office at Cornell.

Nellie is now working for the “Scranton of the EU.” She’s been avoiding Toby, even defriending him on Facebook. Toby’s been keeping an eye on Nellie’s doings online. The former HR rep moved to New York to write a book. He has six roommates.

Back together, all the men in the office head off for Dwight’s bachelor party, while the women get together for the bachelorette party. Obviously hilarity ensued.

For part one of the bachelor party, Jim takes Dwight to smoke cigars and shoot a bazooka. Part two involves a stripper at a restaurant, but Dwight is too hell bent on getting an onion loaf for the table to realize that the waitress is actually a stripper.

Meanwhile at the bachelorette party, the ladies have their own stripper … Meredith’s son! Although the rest of the girls feel awkward about having Meredith’s son strip, Meredith encourages him(“Give them a good show my little entrepreneur”) … even showing him how it’s done.

After the strip show, Angela gets kidnapped by Mose in a “ceremonial bridal kidnapping.” Mose is supposed to take her to a pub and Dwight is supposed to buy everyone at the bar a drink in order to get her back. If you want your bride buy us a drink. Dwight finds the bar, but runs into a problem getting Angela back when he finds that the bar their at belongs to Kevin. After being fired by Dwight from Dunder Mifflin, Kevin tells Dwight to leave his bar. Jim convinces Dwight to bury the hatchet before the wedding, and Kevin manages to come to terms with the fact that his firing wasn’t personal … it was just because he was “terrible.” Dwight gets back Angela, who was shoved into a car trunk by Mose.

The day of the wedding is also the day of the documentary panel. With (pretty much) the whole office on stage, they’re disappointed to find the seats empty. What they don’t realize is the long line of fans waiting to get in.

Everyone loves the Dunder Mifflin office, but more specifically Jim. “He can do anything,” one audience member tells them. Others in the crowd ask whether the group finds their lives pointless now that filming is over. Toby replies yes. The big revelation though? Meredith reveals that she was working on getting her PhD for the past seven years, and Erin finally meets her birth parents.

With the panel a success, the group heads out to the farm to celebrate Dwight and Angela’s wedding … and old faces return! Kelly and her boyfriend Robbie are back in town, revealing that Ryan never actually won her back when he left the office. But Ryan shows up to the wedding as well for one last reunion with Kelly. While Ryan doesn’t have a date … he does have a baby. Turns out his girlfriend left to get electronic cigarettes one day and never came back.

And for the big reveal? Michael Scott!

Although Jim was asked to be Dwight’s best man, he turned down the job and instead surprised Dwight with Michael, who since leaving Dunder Mifflin has turned into silver fox. “I can’t believe you came,” Dwight says in a heartwarming moment. Michael responds, “That’s what she said.” It’s revealed that Michael and Holly have kids and he takes so many photos of them that he actually has two cell phones with two numbers (Michaels’ understanding of a phone family plan).

As the wedding continues, Phyllis gives Angela a piggy back ride down the aisle because she’s still sore from being stuffed in the trunk. Kelly runs off with Ryan and they abandon the baby with Robbie (so they can start over). Robbie hands the kid off to Kevin to call social services, and Nellie finds that she finally has an opportunity to get the child she always wanted

So, how does it all end? With an after party at the office!

Pam surprises Jim by putting their house on the market so that they could move to Austin for Athlead (now Athleap). They tell Dwight that they’re quitting, who tells them that they are fired … so they can receive severance.

Reminiscing on the good times in the office, they discover that Creed has been living in the supply room. Kevin tries to come out of the closet because he’s “emotional,” and Oscar tells him he’s not gay. The episode ends with Pam taking her old drawing of the office building, and Creed walking away in handcuffs.

Quote of the episode: Michael didn’t say much in his couple minute cameo, but this was a winner.

“I feel like my kids grew up and they all married each other. It’s every parents dream.”