A tornado and a zombie apocalypse are more similar then you may think. In both scenarios you need to survive, against the elements and the odds; Fans of ‘The Walking Dead’ like the survivors in the show need to be prepared for everyday dangers, not just the possibility of zombies.

AMC listened to their fans and with ‘First My Family’ they have created the official ‘Walking Dead’ Survival Kit for families everywhere.

‘First my Family’ is a family owned company specializing in disaster supplies. With AMC they have created an impressive kit that contains all the necessities required to keep two average adults alive for 3 days. What you get for $122.84 (before taxes) is a cool kit that will protect and help your family should a disaster hit. Sadly though, there were no weapons to use for slaying zombies if an apocalypse were to occur.

In the kit you get food rations, emergency water, an LED flashlight, space blankets, work gloves, waterproof matches, and procedural face masks. There is also an 85 piece premium lifeline first aid kit.

Resident TV expert Amanda Remling was on hand to test out these goodies to see how the walkers in ‘The Walking Dead’ could of used them to survive.

Only two more episodes remain in season 4 of ‘The Walking Dead’. But fans of the highly popular post-apocalyptic drama need not to fear as the show has been renewed for a 5th season. 

To get yor kit check out www.FirstMyFamily.com