The Ohio gunman who went on a shooting rampage on Sunday has been identified by police as Michael Hance. Hance, 51, killed 7 and wounded 1 before he was killed by a police officer. The wounded person was his girlfriend, identified as Rebecca Dieter, 49.

Among the dead is Dieter's nephew, 11-year-old Scott.

Hance shot people in three houses and pursued victims through two backyards, police said. He first pursued Bryan Johnson, 44, shot and killed him, and then went after Scott, who was hiding with neighbors. Police say Hance forced himself into the neighbors' house and shot Scott but did not harm the others. 

"That's one of the puzzles here, why he was going after the child," Copley police chief Michael Mier said at a news conference on Monday.

Also dead are Dieter's brother, Craig, and married neighbors Russell and Gudrun Johnson, CBS affiliate WOIO reported. The Johnson's 16-year-old granddaughter, Autumn, was killed when she was sitting in a car with another 16-year-old. Her companion was also killed but has not been identified, CBS reported, as police are still reaching out to family members.

Police are still seeking a motive, but Akron, Ohio resident Robin Hancock told the Rapid City Journal that Hance was involved in an estate dispute with Dieter and her family. Hancock was a caregiver for the Johnsons, who she said were long-time friends of Dieter's parents and became involved in the dispute.

Rebecca Dieter was shot several times. She remains hospitalized and her condition is unknown, CBS affiliate WOIO reported.