After an Ohio school shooting this week that left three dead and one injured, the parents of victim Demetrius Hewlin said today that they forgive suspected gunman T.J. Lane, reported ABC News.

I don't know what his final moments were like, but I can't worry about it, Demetrius' mother Phyllis Ferguson told ABC. You have to accept things and move on.

On Monday morning, gunman suspected to be Lane opened fire in an Ohio high school cafeteria, according to Reuters. Three out of the four victims have been pronounced dead.

I would tell him I forgive him because, a lot of times, they don't know what they're doing, Ferguson said to ABC when asked what she would say to the suspected shooter. That's all I'd say.

The victim's mother described her son as a huggy, kissy boy to ABC, saying that he liked to read and did not like getting up early. Hewlin had a close friendship with two of the other teens that were killed in the shooting, Russell King Jr., 17, and Daniel Parmertor, 16.  

He wasn't a morning person, and he was late for school, his mother said to ABC. But that one day he wasn't late. We were running a little late, but we weren't late enough. But it's okay. It's in God's hands. Let his will be done.

The Chadron, Ohio school superintendent announced Tuesday that a Chadron Healing Fund has been started and all proceeds will be used to help those that have been impacted. So far a total of $150,000 has already been given to the charity.