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Some of us may need more fish than others, and we all have that one relative who, no matter how much fish he eats, is still an idiot.

Dumb family members aside, a new study supports the claim that diets rich in fish--specifically omega-3 fatty acids--help stave off dementia.

Scientists examined the dietary habits of nearly 15,000 people, ages 65 and up, living in seven different countries: China, India, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico, and Peru.

The results, appearing in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, reveal an opposite association between eating fish and the prevalence of dementia in all countries, except India. Researchers say the data backs up the theory that omega-3s are neuroprotective.

But, if you can't eat Flipper, your pet goldfish, walnuts are also loaded with omega-3s. I eat some everyday.