OLB Group, Inc. has been gaining a stellar reputation as an innovative e-commerce service provider that offers software products and services designed to help businesses sell products over the internet. Today, the young company announced they will be offering patented derma-cosmetic products from Leorex Ltd. to its clients for marketing to their end users. To coincide with the previously announced joint venture with Leorex, a new website has been launched utilizing the current platform of e-commerce from ShopFast, OLBG’s software platform, at http://www.leorexdirect.com/freetrial.aspx.

An integral part of the campaign includes free membership to the Platinum Club, which offers discounts of 25% to 45% on products that can significantly enhance a client’s overall profitability and/or competitive pricing advantage. These benefits are not only enticing to their customer base but have also started to turn the heads of investors on Wall Street.

There is a booming market for cosmetic and health-related services, and similar entities are earning over $35 million per year. In researching the industry, studies show the number of Americans over 55 will grow by 60% in the next 20 years and their buying power will exceed $2.5 trillion by 2010. According to a report from market research company Global Industry Analysts, the market for anti-aging products is projected to reach $115.5 billion by 2010.

OLBG offers two software products to their clients, independent online retailers, who sell through the internet: ShopFast Direct Shopping Database (ShopFast DSD) and ShopFast ProfitCenter (ShopFast PC). Each software product assists the client in creating an e-commerce Website and selling products from a database maintained by OLBG. Online retailers can then create a customized Website, designed to their own specifications, and sell products from OLBG’s database at a fraction of the cost of building their own e-commerce site from scratch.

Currently, OLBG is trading in the $0.08 range and has been generating positive news over the last month. With a business plan that increases another’s client base, saves start-up money and provides such an “In-Demand” need, OLBG is a step away from making a major impact on Wall Street.