Kim Kardashian may be rampant about Old Navy model Melissa Molinaro's similar look, but the 29-year-old model doesn't seem to be worried.

I just think the whole thing is a little silly, she said to Fox in the beginning of the month. I mean, they held auditions in Miami, New York, and L.A. to find this girl, and they wanted to find a Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas type of girl--I mean (Kardashian's) name never came up--it was not on their radar whatsoever.

And fans seem to agree with the clothing model, voicing their preference via Twitter.

Melissa Molinaro is sexy as hell tho, O.O! Ya might know her as the 'Kim Kardashian look-a-like' from the Old Navy commercial, read one tweet.

Kim Kardashian & Melissa Molinaro look juss alike. But I think Melissa Molinaro looks better, tweeted another user.

At the end of Jan. Kardashian decided to sue The GAP for hiring a look-a-like model that copies her image, claiming that Old Navy caused confusion in the marketplace. She is now seeking $20 million in damages.

Which one do you prefer? Check out these photos.