width=277News & Trends Olivia Palermo is the latest reality star to take a stab at designing. First up for The City star is a collaboration of beaded bib necklaces for Roberta Freymann.

The New York socialite and The City cast member Olivia Palermo has made the easy career change from accessories editor to jewelry designer in a much talked about collaboration for Roberta Freymmann's treasure trove of jewels.

Olivia has said of the collaboration in the past, I'm really excited actually, I'm doing a collaboration with Roberta Freymann for a necklace collection. I designed two styles that will go into her store and we're working on an exclusive retail deal, probably in Bendels.

The pieces in the collection are named for her favorite cities around the world, crafted with silk linings and semiprecious stones.

Each Olivia Palermo for Roberta Freymann is not only an eye-catching statement, but a fashionable embodiment of international chic. Prices range from $175 to $300.