Olympia Snowe, who announced her retirement from Senate last week, Thursday endorsed Senator Scott Brown for his re-election.

While announcing her decision to retire last week, Snowe, a Maine moderate, had blamed the partisan gridlock in the Senate for her decision to retire. She had said that she would not seek re-election as the high partisanship in the chamber hindered progress and any kind of accomplishments.

On Thursday, Snowe lauded Brown's bipartisan approach and said that he had an open mind and positive approach.

In an institution characterized by gridlock and partisanship, Scott Brown is a much-needed breath of fresh air. During the last two years, I have worked closely with Scott and have come to appreciate his independent spirit and bipartisan outlook, she said in a statement posted to Brown's campaign Web site.

Brown, a Republican moderate, riding over a wave of the Tea Party Movement, registered an upset victory over Democratic Edward Kennedy in 2010 election. He has pitched himself as a moderate Republican with an independent voice, in his reelection bid.

Snowe's endorsement will help him gain support among the moderates across the party lines.

Welcoming Snowe's endorsement, Brown said that Snowe has served as an example to those of us who prefer bridge building over rock throwing. I'm committed to honoring her legacy by finding common purpose with anyone of goodwill, regardless of party, to address the serious challenges facing our nation.  

Brown's campaign Web site have also quoted a study by Congressional Quarterly, that ranked him as the second most bipartisan senator while Snowe was ranked third on the list.