It was pretty much of a shock to everyone as it must have been to Jean Dujardin himself when his name was not announced for the best actor award at César ceremony in Paris.

Instead, the award was bagged by Omar Sy for the movie Untouchables which was the biggest hit in the box office for 2011 in France.

The choice made by the Académie des Arts et Techniques du Cinéma has certainly raised questions in the minds of many.

What hit as a little shocking was that shortly after the actor had got the Best Actor Award, his Wikipedia page said that he had won the best actor award even though he didn't deserve it.

Although Wikipedia removed the update in a few minutes, there are still jokes running on social media about the actor.

Everyone at the event was pretty obviously expecting The Artist star Jean Dujardin to take away the Best Actor Award since his work has been noted and he has already been awarded at Cannes, the Golden Globes and Britain's BAFTAs. He is also a best-actor nominee at the Oscars.

The Artist won six of the ten nominations. The awards include Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actress.

Bérénice Bejo, while accepting the Best Actress award, said: I love all the other nominated actresses, but I really wanted this award!

According to a report in The Washington Post, the 37th annual ceremony of the Césars was uneventful, and its writers were visibly uninspired and the event was overall boring.

Other winners, according to CBC news, include:

  • Musical score: Ludovic Bource,The Artist.
  • Cinematography: Guillaume Schiffman,The Artist.
  • Most promising actress: Nadira Ayadi,Polissand Clotilde Hesme,Angele and Tony(tie).
  • Most promising actor: Gregory Gadebois,Angele and Tony.
  • Supporting actor: Michel Blanc,The Minister.
  • Supporting actress: Carmen Maura,Service Entrance.
  • Original screenplay: Pierre Schoeller, The Minister.
  • Adapted screenplay: Roman Polanski and Yasmina Reza, Carnage.
  • Documentary: Christian Rouaud,Tous au Larzac.
  • Foreign film: Asghar Farhadi,A Separation(Iran).
  • First film: Sylvain Estibal,When Pigs Have Wings.
  • Animated film: Joann Sfar and Antoine Delesvaux,The Rabbi's Cat.
  • Honorary César: Kate Winslet.