Omnicity Corp., a major provider of broadband access to small and rural markets in the Midwest, has a focused goal and a clear strategy to get there. The company intends to become a nationwide provider of broadband services in rural markets by being a premier consolidator and by also encouraging strong organic growth. The strategy is simply to provide customers a total broadband solution while continuing rapid growth through acquisitions, organic growth, and strategic partnerships with Rural Electric Municipal Cooperatives, Rural Telephone Companies, and local municipalities.

The company’s exceptional value proposition is its ability to provide high speed Internet access on a mass scale to rural and urban cluster markets, more efficiently and at a significantly lower cost than existing wire or fiber optic based services. The combination of unique value proposition and multiple revenue streams should result in a significant increase of shareholder value and steady growth.

Omnicity could, in fact, be an attractive acquisition target for large broadband suppliers intent on expanding their presence in rural markets, given that there are estimated to be over 40 million homes, businesses, schools, and other sites with inadequate broadband service. Such an opportunity, representing perhaps $64 billion annually, is seen by many as the next big market.

Omnicity is well on its way, having already become the largest provider of broadband service in the rural markets of Indiana. The company has already engineered several important acquisitions in Indiana, adding thousands of subscribers to its customer base, and recently announced an agreement to purchase AAA Wireless. That purchase alone will increase Omnicity’s reach by over 30%.

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