Omnicity Corp. is an Indiana-based, wireless broadband service provider taking steps to initiate and execute its business mission to become the leading provider of rural telecommunications for communities, businesses and residences throughout the United States.

The company’s services include cost-effective high-speed Internet access, advanced communications solutions through a variety of package options. Omnicity also offers computer repair services such as anti-virus program installation, data backup, virus removal and repairs, new computer setup, home personal computer repair and more.

The company envisions bridging the “digital divide” by offering broadband access to underserved areas to promote job growth, economic development and civic participation. To execute this strategy, the company seeks expansion through acquisition and organic growth, as well as through established partnerships with rural electric municipal cooperatives and rural telephone companies.

Omnicity currently serves businesses and consumers in more than 30 counties in Indiana. To ensure quality service and customer satisfaction, the company’s technology requires it to conduct free survey sites to determine acceptable signal levels in its coverage areas.

The company relies on its seasoned management team with years of combined wireless broadband/SP expertise to guide it through expansion efforts. This team also has experience in the consolidation of a large numbers of businesses through the company’s roll-up strategy, boosting expansion and partnership opportunities.

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