Omnicity Corp., the Midwest’s largest fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider, excitedly announced today that it has agreed to purchase the assets of AAA Wireless, Inc. The assets to be purchased include a large, substantial network, estimated to have a footprint in excess of 80,000 homes with 39 towers. This acquisition will increase Omnicity’s reach by more than 30%. In 2008, the AAA Wireless network serviced over 190 schools generating in excess of $5m in revenue.

Greg Jarman, CEO of Omnicity, stated, “We are very pleased to have reached formal agreement to purchase these assets. The large number of homes, the high quality of the network, and the opportunity to re-establish valuable internet service to the schools, as well as introduce our services to residents and businesses in the area, make this a great event for North Central Indiana residents, business owners, school children, and for Omnicity and our shareholders.”

Rick Van Es, spokesperson for AAA Wireless, Inc., commented, “We are delighted to have reached an agreement to sell the assets to Omnicity. Our subscribers will continue to receive superior service provided by our robust wireless network and enjoy the benefits provided by Omnicity, a leading provider of broadband services.”

Omnicity has more than doubled its subscriber base and revenue over the past six months after becoming a public company in February 2009. Continuing with its expansion efforts, the company is on track to more than double its size again within the next six months.

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