Omnicity Corp., the Midwest’s biggest fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP), recently bolstered its position as a WISP consolidator by signing a Letter of Intent with the wireless division of Solutions Unlimited (SUI), of New Castle, Indiana. SUI (doing business as Midwest WISP) is seen as just one of several acquisitions Omnicity is expected to announce during Q4 of 2009 as it makes its way towards becoming the premier consolidator of the WISP industry.

Omnicity CEO, Greg Jarman, commented on the value of the move. “We are pleased to have worked out a great deal for both Midwest WISP and Omnicity and look forward to bringing their subscribers and infrastructure into the fold. This acquisition adds another important set of assets and an ongoing local marketing presence to our eastern border.”

SUI president, Michael Dinkins, added: “The timing is perfect for us to turn over our fixed wireless assets to Omnicity and we have full confidence in their ability to deliver on their business model. We believe in their plan so much that we have chosen to move our assets into an equity investment in Omnicity.”

SUI will continue to sell Omnicity services from their storefront location in New Castle, as the first element in the Omnicity planned reseller channel. SUI maintains network services for small and medium businesses in Central Indiana and will market Omnicity services to its clients.

In just the past 6 months, Omnicity has more than doubled its subscriber base and revenue. The company further expects to double again by the end of the year. Omnicity plans to be the first broadband service to expand its network across rural America, providing services to areas currently underserved. The company partners with Rural Electric Membership Co-ops and Rural Telephone Companies, and recently signed an agreement with leading international satellite Internet service provider StarBand Communications Inc., allowing Omnicity to offer StarBand satellite high speed Internet service coverage to areas throughout the U.S. not currently able to receive Omnicity’s wireless Internet or DSL services.

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