Omnicity Corp., best known as the Midwest’s largest fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider, also provides a wide range of basic computer and networking services for both business and residential customers. These services have become increasingly important as the company rapidly expands its ISP base because customers generally prefer support from someone that can work directly with the ISP provider for network-related problems or setup issues. The fast growing company specializes in bringing broadband services to non-urban areas, previously underserved, and their basic repair and networking services augment this.

Omnicity’s in-house and on-site computer repair services are considered trusted and high-quality. Work is always guaranteed and comes at an affordable rate. Some of the most popular computer repair services offered by the company include:

• New computer setup
• Antivirus program installation
• Virus removal, repair, and protection
• Anti-spam software installation
• Data backup

Equally important are the network services the company provides. Technicians offer comprehensive network consulting and solutions, and are able to support both small and large organizations. More than just a problem solving service, they will work with a business from the earliest planning stages to help set and achieve critical goals tailored to meet specific needs. Coming from the ISP perspective, Omnicity views client relationships as long term, unlike most support service companies. This forward looking approach ends up saving companies both money and headaches.

Omnicity’s wireless broadband services give businesses in non-urban areas the affordable high-speed Internet access and advanced communications solutions that every business needs. They provide the communications infrastructure required to drive economic development, allowing non-urban areas to compete successfully with large cities. This is good for the communities and for the country, since it allows companies to locate in less expensive areas.

For residential users, Omnicity opens up a world of information and applications that they would not otherwise have, and gives them the basic technical support that residential users often need.

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