Yesterday, Omnicity Corp. announced that it had been awarded its first contract to provide broadband services to the State of Indiana. The company was the winning bidder in an RFP to provide services for the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) with the State of Indiana. Omnicity was the winning bidder and the contract was announced this week for Omnicity to provide the essential services at the Mississinewa Lake and Miami State Recreation Area.

Omnicity continues to progress with its business model to deliver broadband services to rural America. Providing services to the DNR demonstrates that its model is being accepted on a statewide basis. Covering much of the rural historical area in north central Indiana, Mississinewa Lake is a 12,000 acre reservoir. It was built to control flooding and provide recreation in the form of boating, fishing, camping and picnicking. The Company will install its Cisco’s Broadband Wireless Access (BWX) WiMAX antennas and base stations (Tie-in to Omnicity’s overall RFP and grant applications totaling $31m).

Greg Jarman, CEO of Omnicity, stated, “We look forward to providing our services to the DNR and proving that our model works for rural state park facilities statewide and even nationwide. Our team is experienced and understands the importance of what this contract means to the state park and to the local community that surrounds the park.”

He continued, “Omnicity will install its Cisco equipment inside the state park and will provide services to visitors, campers and staff of the DNR as well as the rural communities that surround the park. We believe that providing high speed internet services to campers and employees of state parks in extreme rural environments such as this is great exposure for Omnicity to its core target market and we are very pleased to have been chosen above all others by the State of Indiana to provide these services.”

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