Omnicity Corp., known for bringing broadband communication service to underserved rural areas, has signed an agreement that will more than triple its coverage of marketable homes. The agreement is with leading international satellite Internet service provider StarBand Communications Inc., and allows Omnicity to offer StarBand satellite high speed Internet service coverage to areas throughout the U.S. not currently able to receive Omnicity’s wireless Internet or DSL services.

The new service will be rebranded as Omnicity Satellite Internet Services, and means Omnicity will have a high speed Internet solution for virtually every household in its markets. The service will be available for residential, small office/home office, and small business customers, and secures Omnicity’s position as the key player in the rural broadband service industry.

Omnicity CEO, Greg Jarman, commented on the importance of the agreement. “We have people who call in on a daily basis that we can’t reach yet with our wireless and DSL coverage areas. With our new satellite capabilities, we can cover just about everybody. By having some method to deliver high speed internet service to virtually every home in our service areas, either wireless, DSL, and now Omnicity Satellite Internet Services, we truly can strive for exceptionally high market penetrations and an outstanding branded Omnicity presence. This translates to higher revenue and cash flow per home passed through existing Omnicity assets and, of course, into great long-term value for our shareholders. We are very excited to have consummated this satellite delivery deal and to begin marketing Omnicity Satellite Internet Services alongside our wireless and DSL options.”

Omnicity plans to add the new satellite coverage during the second round of the American Recover and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to bring the Internet to all of rural America. The company’s strategy is to continue its rapid growth through acquisitions and organic growth, and to continue to partner with Rural Electric Membership Co-ops and Rural Telephone Companies.

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