Omnicity Corp. provides broadband access – including advanced voice, video and data services – to under-served and un-served small and rural markets. The company is the Midwest’s largest and fastest growing fixed wireless internet service provider.

The company issued a corporate update summarizing the status of Omnicity’s business growth plan for fiscal year 2010 several weeks ago. The company stated they will continue to partner with rural electric membership cooperatives (REMCs) and rural telecom companies along with state and local governments in order to expand their network across rural America. Omnicity also pledged to expand their service offerings and become a total broadband solution.

Omnicity believes it will reach operational cash flow positive and build a liquidity floor under operations of $100,000 minimum by December 31, 2009. With regard to specific numbers for fiscal 2010, the company said they would continue to follow their basic business plan and complete several acquisitions which would double their subscribers to over 11,000 and double their revenue to $1.3 million per quarter.

David Bradford, COO of Omnicity, summarized, “We have a number of additional acquisitions in various stages of closure…these acquisitions alone, combined with an aggressive set of sales and marketing campaigns, should put us well in excess of 11,000 subscribers and annualized running rate revenue of well over $5 million by the end of the next fiscal year.”

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