OmniReliant, – a Company that comprises competencies from direct response (DR) and traditional retail (which are delivered to live shopping networks, direct mail and ecommerce through its subsidiaries), announced today that wholly-owned consumer products enterprise, OmniResponse, Inc., opened a new sales office in Bentonville, Arkansas.

VP of Retail Sales for ORHI, and decade-long resident of the Bentonville area, Travis Berger, will head up the retail sales push and illustrate the dynamic of DR by explaining how crucial the timing is between consumer interest and availability of the product.

CEO of ORHI, Robert J. DeCecco, noted that this big push to spearhead sales out of Bentonville, led by the Retail Sales Division, sends a loud and clear message about the Company’s “driving retail sales growth in 2011 and beyond” platform.

Berger noted how important having a retail distribution network that is prepped and ready to receive the product is, especially considering that the largest and most popular retailers aren’t always the ones launching the product. OHRI’s network includes marketing promos, kiosks, pallet displays, end caps and etc.

This understanding of the time-critical correlation between demand and availability is central to the ORHI business philosophy, and Berger made it clear that the Company’s success is driven by coordinating a focused strategy that encompasses the product life cycle.

A clear tactical advantage mastered by ORHI – the adept selection of a suitable retailer/vendor combined with the launch execution strategy and the means to sustain interest – maximizes shareholder returns and operational profitability by dovetailing marketing and sales logistics.

DeCecco took a moment to comment on how well suited Berger was, due to his vast local knowledge and prior work as Category Strategic Advisor for Direct-to-Consumer products and brands for industry titan Wal-Mart, where Berger did consultancy work.

DeCecco pointed to the numerous connections with several large retailers that Berger has painstakingly cultivated as affording an ideal environment for the new sales office, which itself makes a nice structural complement to ORHI’s existing corporate offices, located at the Company’s 34k sq. ft. television/production studio.