"Once Upon a Time" is gearing up for its second season premiere, and if the new posters were not enough to convince you of an upcoming war between good and evil, then you must hear what Mulan has to say. 

This season has been busy casting new fairy tale characters to inhabit Storybrooke. One of the latest newcomers to season two is Mulan, played by "Sucker Punch's" Jamie Chung. 

According to Chung, and a killer photo posted on TVGuide, Mulan takes her "warrior princess" title very seriously. With hair pulled back in a low ponytail, Mulan is not dressed to impress in a pretty pink dress, but instead dressed for battle in an armored get-up. 

"I got on a journey with Prince Phillip to find his princess, Aurora," Chung explains to TVGuide. "There's this evil spirit that's moving and my character ends up bonding with Sleeping Beauty."

Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) are another two new characters set to be appearing in season two of "Once Upon a Time." Entertainment Weekly reported back in July that Aurora would be played by "Tudors" actress Sarah Bolger. Bolger's on-screen beau will be "Pretty Little Liars" actor Julian Morris, who will be tackling the role of Prince Phillip.

Chung further teased that her character will be interacting with ANOTHER new addition to the cast besides Aurora and Prince Phillip.

"As you've heard, Captain Hook is joining us," she continued to TVGuide. But don't fret over a deadly encounter between the two, because Chung believes that her sword wielding character can definitely overpower a little old hook.

"If you compare the size and length of my sword to his hook, who do you think has the longer reach?" she joked.

Chung's commentary on her new character comes a couple days after posters for season two were released. 

"Magic is coming," boasts the new photos, one which show Emma with a sword in hand, ready to face the big bad. Other photos for season two of "Once Upon a Time," display the famous poison apple, the one that will presumably lead Emma on her quest to destroy the evil queen and avenge her son Henry.

"Once Upon a Time" returns for its second season on ABC on Sunday, Sept. 30.

Click here to see Jamie Chung in character as Mulan.