“Once Upon A Time” released two new sneak peek videos from the Season 3 finale, and they are a must watch for Emma and Hook shippers. The two-hour finale (episodes 21 and 22) will air on ABC on Sunday, May 11, but fans can get a taste of the upcoming drama right now.

The first sneak peek video gives viewers a look at Emma and Hook in the Enchanted Fores. But as we previously reported, there is a twist – the pair are in the Enchanted Forest of the past.

Meeting up with Rumpelstiltskin in the woods, Hook breaks the news to him that they are from the future. However Rumpel doesn’t believe him so easily.

“But time travel hasn’t been done,” he fires back at the pirate.

“Yeah, well someone’s cracked that code,” Emma explains. “We need your help.”

Anyone who is familiar with Rumpelstiltskin knows that he doesn’t help anyone out of the goodness of his heart. So after a quick cackle he makes his request – he wants an answer to a question.

“Do I find my son?” he asks Emma. And when she stays quiet, he yells for her to answer him.

“Yes,” she spits out, not making eye contact.

“Bae,” Rumpel whispers as a smile spreads across his face. “I find Bae. How?”

But before Emma could answer, Rumpel interrupts her and asks for her not to tell him.

“If I succeeded I don’t want anything in my head that might throw it off,” he says. However there is a slight problem.

“It might already kind of be thrown off,” Emma admits.

“You changed things,” Rumpel says, understanding the situation. “What have you done?”

And unfortunately the clip ends before “OUAT” fans can find out what Emma and Hook changed in the Enchanted Forest of the past.

The second sneak peek video seems to hint that Rumpel agreed to help out Emma and Hook. The clip shows Emma dressed to impress and on the arm of Hook while entering a castle. But who does the castle belong to? None other than King Midas, the father of Princess Abigail.

Emma complains about the girly clothes she’s forced to wear, but Hook pays her a blush worthy compliment. However the most important part of the sneak peek video is the reason why the duo is at King Midas’ castle – a wedding!

The King introduces himself to the pair as the “father of the bride” and asks who they are. While Hook freezes up and can’t come up with a name, Emma manages to spit out that they are Prince Charles and Princess Leia.

But whose wedding are they attending? Since Abigail was initially engaged to Prince Charming, could Emma and Hook have changed the past so drastically that the two go through with getting married?

The Season 3 finale of “Once Upon A Time” will air on Sunday, May 11 at 8 p.m. EDT. What do you think will happen in episode 21 and 22? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section or tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.