ONE Bio, Corp., an innovative company utilizing green process manufacturing to produce raw chemicals and herbal extracts, natural and health supplements and organic products, recently announced that the company’s subsidiary, Green Planet Bioengineering, Co., Ltd., has filed a patent covering its newly developed extraction process for Salvia Miltiorrhiza.

Expected to increase revenue by approximately $2.2 million for the remaining of this year, the new Salvia Miltiorrhiza extract has already allowed the company’s Green Planet Bioengineering division to secure co-operative contracts with multiple renowned pharmaceuticals including Heji Huangpu Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical, Beijing Tongrentang Pharmaceutical, Guangdong Medihealth Pharmaceutical and Jiangmen Mingsheng Pharmaceutical. The Green Planet Bioengineering division successfully developed and obtained the salvia extraction patent in June 2010, which uses a sophisticated technology to break Salvia roots to achieve a 97 percent transfer rate for both Tanshinone and danshinolic acid B.

Mr. Marius Silvasan, ONE Bio, Corp’s chief executive officer, stated, “We are pleased to have obtained this important patent which has allowed us to launch this highly demanded Salvia extract. Initial sales for the extract are very encouraging. Our R&D team continues to deliver us an increasing product portfolio highly demanded in the market place.”