ONE Bio Corp. is an innovative company which utilizes green process manufacturing to produce raw chemicals and herbal extracts, natural and health supplements, and organic products. The company recently experienced record breaking 3rd quarter growth driven by a robust demand for its products, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region.

The company announced today the launch of its own trademarked brand of sweetener product using Stevia. The new product, a zero calorie over-the-counter sweetener, is called Sero. Stevia is widely used in soft drinks, desserts, canned products, health supplements and sold as a pre-packaged sweetener on supermarket shelves worldwide.

Stevia has received a lot of attention since its introduction because it is sweeter and believed to be healthier than sugar and other substitutes. Aspartame is the number one sugar substitute in the US, but it has been linked to tumors, seizures, blindness and mood swings. Japan has used Stevia safely for decades and it now comprises 40% of the sweeteners used there.

Market research firm Mintel International Group predicted in a September 2009 press release that the market for Stevia could reach $2 billion by the end of 2011. This multi-billion global market is the market ONE Bio is looking to tap into with their Sero product. ONE Bio believes that its product’s competitive advantage lies in the ingredients used to get rid of the after-taste and its low production costs. These low production costs will make the product competitively priced and attractive to consumers.

The company’s CEO, Marius Silvasan, stated, “China is the largest producer and manufacturer of sugar in the world, and with our extensive customer base and expertise in cultivating Stevia, we expect Sero to become another high margin and high demand product in our portfolio.”

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