ONE Bio, Corp.,, leverages patented green manufacturing processes to create valuable chemicals and herbal extracts for the booming Asian Pacific health sector that promotes youthful, slim and vigorous lifestyles.

The popularity of health foods in the Asia Pacific market, combined with China’s economic growth, is an ideal environment for the Company to distribute its organic vegetable and fruit products.

Capitalizing on this opportunity, ONBI, via subsidiary United Green Technology, Inc. (UGTI), has signed two distribution agreements through its Chinese operating unit with supermarket chains in the Asia Pacific region that will put the products into over 20 locations.

Veteran localized retailers with established customer bases, these supermarkets – Xin Huadu and Jie Long – are located in Fuijan Province, which has a thriving retail space offering ideal locations for the sale of ONBI’s refreshing and healthy, green-manufactured products.

Sr. VP of ONBI China, Jinrong Tang, commented on the development of the Company’s organic products division within the massive Chinese retail market, and characterized initial target market receptivity testing for the products as showing excellent uptake.
Mr. Tang detailed the Company’s aggressive expansion of its distribution network in China, which is fostered by an agenda of increasing shareholder value through organic growth into highly profitable areas, as heading towards deals with 14 other identified large-market-style chains, who jointly offer a venue of more than 150 locations.

Mr. Tang also noted that ONBI is actively pursuing strategic relationships with retailers possessing a global footprint with strong domestic infrastructure; for example, “Carrefour, Metro, Wal-Mart and Yong Hui”.

Demand for ONBI’s recognized suite of offerings, like CoQ10, Solanesol, Resveratrol and 5-HTP, as well as their organic fertilizers and organic bamboo health food and beverages, is a prime example of a business with high profit potential and solid fundamentals.

With a projected $3M in sales revenue ($1.95M gross profit), obtainable by carving out as little as the conservatively estimated 0.044% market share of the 2.5 billion Kg a year Chinese demand for organic produce, ONBI is ideally positioned and is prepping for the sprint with the addition of 3 regional sales offices, 4 senior sales managers and plans to have 110 local sales associates in target areas by November this year.