If KPop just isn't your style but you're still looking to join up with a massive group of fans to support a fresh-faced pop band with manufactured beats then consider the UK sensation One Direction. The five-member boy band recently revealed they have a sixth member, and fans are tweeting along with Kevin the Pigeon in excitement. Not convinced? Here's five reasons to sing along with Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis:

1) They were formed by Reality TV. If you love Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and Carrie Underwood (or any other American Idol alumni) then you may be inclined to enjoy the crooning of One Direction, who were assembled by Simon Cowell on X-Factor, his officially unrelated American Idol spin-off.

2) They're influenced by the classics. Specifically, the opening chords from their hit single What Makes You Beautiful are pretty much the same as Summer Nights  from the classic American musical Grease.

3) They have a sixth member and it's a pigeon. How cool is that? In a video diary uploaded to YouTube yesterday the band answered their fans' questions and played with a stuffed pigeon named Kevin.

4) They love their fans. Kevin has inspired their fans, who call themselves directioners, to declare their desire to grow up to be pigeons as well. Check out the absurd number of adoring tweets or watch this video in which One Direction reads their fans' tweets and responds in front of a roaring crowd.

5) They're changing the world for the better. One Direction is made up of British and Irish members (Kevin the Pigeon's nationality is still unclear). By breaking with social constraints that have separated the two nationalities for too long the band is proving that pop music can save the world. Unfortunately this last point doesn't translate into a YouTube video, but here's two Canadian fans listing their own top-ten reasons to love One Direction.