With so much happening in the lives of its members, One Direction might take a break to do “some other stuff,” the group's mentor, Simon Cowell, has said. Not long after Zayn Malik quit the group, the news of Louis Tomlinson's baby last week shocked fan the Directioners.

The latest happenings might be the reason why Cowell thinks the group -- Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne -- might need some time off. "In terms of the band, they've got enough hits now they can take some time off and do some other stuff they want to do," Cowell told the Sun newspaper. The "X-Factor" mogul said he believes that giving the group some time off might make them yearn to get back together. “It's a fun job, but it's absolutely their decision," Cowell said.

The group's longtime mentor also discussed Tomlinson's baby news and said that the moment he became aware about it, he told Tomlinson to own up to the pregnancy and take everything in a positive spirit. “I said to him, ‘You man up. You’re fortunate because you’re in a position to be able to look after the baby and not worry too much about that,'” Cowell said.

Readers might remember that Cowell faced a similar situation in 2013 when it was reported that his friend Lauren Silverman was pregnant with his baby. Cowell now lives with Silverman and their 15-month-old son Eric and says he loves being a father.

Cowell further confirmed that Tomlinson is the father of his stylist Briana Jungwirth's baby. Cowell also believes that the pregnancy news has not had any negative impact on the image of One Direction. "He didn't kill anyone. He got someone pregnant," he said. "It happens every day all over the world.”