One L. Goh was detained Monday by the Oakland Police Department as a suspect in the school shooting that rocked Oakland, California's Oikos University shooting Monday morning.

Goh allegedly shot and killed six women and one man at the private Christian college Monday morning. The victims were between 21 and 40 years old and hailed from Korea, Nigeria and Nepal, according to police.

He was allegedly looking to kill a female administrator when he entered the school, but he ended up ordering students to get in line, and shot them when they would not cooperate, Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan told Yahoo! News.

Here are 5 things you need to know about Oikos University shooting suspect One L. Goh:

1. He isn't expressing remorse: One L. Goh, a 43-year-old Korean national, allegedly killed several human beings, but he is not showing signs of being sorry or having any degree of sympathy with the families who were impacted by the loss of their loved ones. He has not been particularly remorseful, Jordan said, though he has apparently been cooperative with the authorities.

2. He felt anger toward Oikos University: One L. Goh was not a random gunman, police have said. He is a former student at Oikos, and he was allegedly seeking a specific female administrator when he walked into the school Monday morning. We've learned that the suspect was upset with the administration at the school, Jordan said on ABC's Good Morning America Monday morning. He was also upset that students in the past, when he attended the school, mistreated him, disrespected him, and things of that nature. He was having, we believe, some behavioral problems at the school and was asked to leave several months ago.

3. He is a complex individual to analyze: One L. Goh was not just another college student. He was a complicated, cold person, according to Jordan, and he was allegedly on a mission Monday to reach certain objectives, which included murder. We've learned that this was a very chaotic, calculated and determined gentleman that came there with a very specific intent to kill people, and that's what his motive was and that's what he carried out, Jordan told Good Morning America.

4. His life was spiraling out of control: Oakland police told Yahoo! News that though the exact motive that allegedly drove One L. Goh to commit murder is not known, he had a number of problems in his life that likely contributed to his alleged drive to want to kill people Monday at Oikos University. For instace, police said he held a grudge against various school administrators and officials, he is tens of thousands of dollars in debt, and two of his immediate family members died last year.

5. He has connections to another infamous school shooting: Though the Oikos University shootings left far less people dead than the Virginia Tech massacre on April 16, 2007, One L. Goh has some connections to that dark day. Seung-Hui Cho, who killed 32 people and wounded many others at the Blacksburg, Va., campus, was also a Korean national, and he had major grievances against his school. Furthermore, Goh previously lived in the Commonwealth of Virginia, where he was once evicted from an apartment building before he moved to California.