OnePlus has listed all the partners that helped in manufacturing the new OnePlus 2 in a teaser. This list includes big names like Samsung, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and Toshiba. But then, Samsung is not a surprise entry because the South Korean tech giant also supplies hardware components to its direct competitor Apple. But there’s something quite unusual about the shared official teaser and the content.

The new official teaser has been shared across OnePlus’ many social networking accounts, including on Twitter and Facebook. But what stands out from the teaser is that the Chinese tech company calls the OnePlus 2 a “2016 Flagship Killer” instead of “2015 Flagship Killer.” Apparently, it’s not a typo either.

The first device, the OnePlus One, was touted as a “2014 Flagship Killer.” Following the pattern, one would expect the company to name the successor as “2015 Flagship Killer.” But then, OnePlus surprised by calling its new device the “2016 Flagship Killer.” Can the OnePlus 2 give tough competition to the 2015 flagships from other Android OEMs? Perhaps. But, calling it a device that will beat down the 2016 completion is a bit of a stretch. In the meantime, Phone Arena says, the aforesaid naming convention also indirectly means the OnePlus 3, which is supposed to be released in 2016, will also be checkmated by OnePlus 2.

Meanwhile, OnePlus has promised the invitation for the OnePlus 2 will be hassle free, unlike the predecessor's. The company Website says, “Last year, we made a product that we were really confident about, but we didn’t know how people would react to it.” By taking the feedback on the invitation system to heart, the company has made some improvements to the purchase model and hence, there will be more invites for the potential buyers.

The OnePlus 2 release date is set for July 27. Check out the official teaser where OnePlus calls the successor the “2016 Flagship Killer:”

The teaser can also be checked out from OnePlus’ official Facebook account. What do you think of the OnePlus 2? Can this device beat other flagships like Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and HTC One M9? Feel free to leave a comment.