After months of suffering form the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression no one proved to be immune from the harmful consequences of the liquidity drain and reduction in consumption levels, however some businesses proved to be more resistant than others, as online advertising proved to maintaining its health after all...

Although many companies profits fell sharply since sales declined significantly as consumers were forced to sharply cut their spending after income fell considerably as a result of contentious rise in unemployment, this determined them to cut on expenses as budgets were lowered as the main target was to survive, so many decided to cut on their marketing budgets.

However online advertising which manages billions of dollars every year proved to be immune somehow in the face of this economic crisis since the internet is an indispensable item nowadays and since this businesses occupies a vast area, therefore is far from facing a recession defined by 2 consecutive quarters of negative growth, as only the first quarter of 2009 proved to be negative while 2008 was positive for online advertising companies.

This decline will definitely force those companies like Google, Yahoo, AOL or MSN to cut on their budgets, but since the second quarter showed some stability signs in various parts like in sales, consumption and housing its is possible that this business might be able to survive one of the worst economic crisis since the great depression with the smallest amount of casualties.

If that will be the scenario, even if some damage will occur to this sector, the rebound and the recovery might take place faster than previously thought giving chance to those companies that live from online ads to flourish fast especially those with convincing and attractive programs and offers which will help them optimize existence and define competition.

The important thing is to wisely manage to catch the start of the upside wave, because once this recession will start easing out many companies and businesses will seek adverting in order to prove their existence in the markets, and for those who will be able to understand their costumers and fulfill their needs will most probably be able to prosper in the upcoming months.